Research Team


Project Team: Shauna Elliott (top left), Margaret Myers (top right), Kelly Vodden (bottom left), and Nina Mitchelmore (bottom right).

Project Lead/Principal Investigator

Kelly Vodden: Assistant Professor MUN Department of Geography specializing in rural community and regional development, regional governance and collaboration (

Nina Mitchelmore: Rural Secretariat Regional Partnership Planner for the St. Anthony – Port au Choix Region (Contact at (709) 457-2530,

Project Advisory/Facilitation Group

Ken Carter: Director of Partnership Research and Analysis, Rural Secretariat

Gerry Gross:
Mayor of Anchor Point, Chair of the Joint Council, Nordic REDB board member (Strait of Belle Isle sub-region)

Nina Mitchelmore:
see above

Carolyn Lavers
: INTRD Economic Development Officer (Port Saunders), Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women

Darlene Newman
:  Norpen Regional Services Board (Quirpon-Cook’s Harbour Area sub-region)

Joan Simmonds
:  French Shore Historical Society, Chair of the Regional Council Rural Secretariat, Nordic Board Member (Roddickton Area sub-region)

Network Consultants

June Holley: consulting, training and coaching to organizations around the world interested in creating healthier communities through a better understanding of networks, collaboration, innovation and learning; developed Smart Network Analyzer, a user-friendly network mapping application to help communities and regions identify and enhance their networks as well as training and coaching programs for Network Weavers (

Ken Vance Borland: Faculty Research Assistant in the Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society at Oregon State University; Director of the Conservation Planning Institute, where he has done conservation social network mapping, weaving, and training since 2008; expert in regional conservation planning in western North America (

Graduate Students and Research Assistants

Amy Tucker:
Project Intern and Graduate Student. MA thesis focuses on communication networks in integrated coastal and ocean management in the Placentia Bay/Grand Banks Large Ocean Management Area

Ryan Gibson: PhD candidate, studying rural regional governance with an interest in regional collaboration on the Northern Peninsula

Shauna Elliott: Local research assistant with an educational background in primary/elementary education

Margaret Myers: Local research assistant with an educational background in tourism

Funding Agencies

Rural Secretariat, Municipal Affairs (Norpen), MITACS (Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems)

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